Jan Matthies Music Management - Working exclusively for 2-time Grammy winning jazz pianist, composer and arranger Alan Broadbent

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About Jan Matthies Music Management

We are a creative agency located in Tangstedt, nearby Hamburg, Germany and we are exclusively working for 2-time Grammy winning jazz pianist, composer and arranger Alan Broadbent.

For all info about Alan Broadbent, especially his tour calendar, please go to his official website: www.alanbroadbent.com


We are booking tours or single performances all around the world.

Public Relations

We make sure that Alan appears on the radio, in magazines etc. and even on TV.

Artist Management

We oversee the day-to-day business affairs and advise and counsel concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect Alan’s career.

Jan Matthies Records

Our own record label.


Passion leads to the flow, the flow leads to loving your work, loving your work leads to success!

Jan Matthies

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Jan Matthies



Our Service

We are happy to assist Alan Broadbent with know-how and experience in our daily business.


We do booking exclusively for Alan Broadbent.

Public Relations

We do public relations exclusively for Alan Broadbent.

Artist Management

We do Artist Management exclusively for Alan Broadbent.



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse the projects below.


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Media Coverage/Publication – Developing Story

Cover front Developing Story Alan Broadbent_130x130 Thank you for helping Alan, Eden River Records and me to make “Developing Story” a successful album!

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Jan Matthies Records

Jan Matthies Records is a project of Jan Matthies Music Management.


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